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Inspired Youth Logo

Inspired Youth was founded by Norfolk business consultancy Inspired Change with aim of engaging local businesses with the next generation of young people coming through schools, colleges and universities in the Norfolk region. The brief was to produce a logo that tied in with the Inspired Change branding, but appealed to the younger audience that Inspired Youth engages with. For this purpose we kept to the same brand colours and cog icons but swapped the logo text over a grunge font and distressed the cogs in the logo to match.

We also created a “WordPress Starter” site for Inspired Youth that enabled them to have a dedicated web presence outside of the Inspired Change website. The Inspired Youth site incorporated the design elements of a youthful orange colour palette, tied-in with a modern looking font for the page headings to give the site a youth appeal.

A little later Inspired Youth wished to give their three separate initiatives clear identities so we made three additional logos for this purpose:

TEC.EA – Tourism Enterprise Challenge

WEXIT – Work Experience It

 My Tern – Internship Assessment Programme 

While each logo introduces new graphics appropriate to its purpose and target audience they still incorporate a cog and colours from the Inspired Change brand, linking them back to the original business unit.

  • Branding/logo design
  • Print design
  • WordPress “Starter” website – child theme design and development