Internet & Email Marketing

Build your brand online and get noticed. Sometimes just a web presence alone isn’t always enough to successfully promote your business. From community and social networking through to viral campaigns – Little Bird offers various products and services geared towards marketing your business online.

HTML Email Marketing

Email marketing is highly cost-effective. It still provides the highest return on investment of any form of marketing.

Email marketing is powerful tool for promoting your business. It can allow you to keep in touch with existing customers and gain new ones. Email marketing can be as simple as sending monthly newsletters or if the data is available to support it, mailing lists can be integrated with other database information, allowing personalized emails to be sent to individual customers. For example, a customer who has purchased gardening tools can be informed of special offers for gardening products.

Email marketing is not SPAM but if your email gets stuck in your customer’s SPAM filter they will never see it. Little Bird can advise you on email marketing best practice guidelines as well as the legal requirements for sending mass mailings to ensure that your emails are not caught in the SPAM trap.

We offer a full design service for HTML email as well as providing an email broadcasting service. Once again, different businesses have different needs and we offer both full-service and self-service email broadcasting.

Full Service HTML Email Marketing

Full-service – we design, code, administer your mailing templates and mailing list for you as we broadcast your email.

Self Service HTML Email Broadcast

Self-service – we design and code the initial HTML email template(s) but you administer your own email templates and mailing lists and broadcast the emails yourself.

Little Bird provide our company with a reactive, economical [email marketing] service that is easy to track at a glance.

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Banner Adverts

Love them or hate them, banner adverts are a permanent part of the internet landscape. Whether you are looking to raise brand awareness or convert clicks to sales web banner adverts are an effective tool for promoting your business offerings and driving traffic to your website.

Little Bird can come up with the creative design for your marketing campaign or if you already have a marketing campaign, of which web is just one stream, we can work with your existing graphics and creative to bring your campaign to the web.

We can produce adverts in all shapes and sizes. This includes:

  • Static GIF adverts
  • Animated GIF adverts
  • Fixed size Flash banners
  • Expandable/retractable, peel-back and floating Flash banners